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Transfer Bond
Writing a Bond in one jurisdiction while having a Network Associate coordinate the defendants release in another jurisdiction.  A Bond could be written in California to secure a persons release in Kansas and vice versa.
Surety Bond
When a Surety Company and/or Bail Agent signs for and posts bond for a defendant.  The guarantee by the Surety allows the accused to be released from custody until such time as the court determines guilt or innocence and sentence has been imposed.  Usually a 10% premium is charged. The release is an extension of the criminal arrest and can be revoked at any time by the Bonding Agent.
Property Bond
Property is posted for the full face amount of the bond.  This is usually done through an attorney and the court.  Documentation must be adequately prepared proving that the property is clear of all encumbrances and/or liens and will be pledged to the court for the defendants Bail.  If the defendant misses any of the court proceedings, the court may then foreclose on the property.
Own Recognizance (OR Bond)
An OR Bond constitutes an administrative pre-trial release.  This is usually for minor, first time offenses when a person can sign themselves out of jail with a promise to re-appear in court at a later date, to face charges.  In some jurisdictions there is an interview process to determine if a person will be released on their own signature and personal merit.
Immigration Bond
Bonds written on Illegal Aliens and/or persons from other countries that are awaiting trial in the
United States.  We can post 'Immigration Bonds' for anyone throughout the United States, from our office.  Call for details.  Immigration Bonds usually require a 50% premium.
Federal Bond
Only for cases heard in Federal Courts.  The premium is usually posted through and paid to the court instead of a Surety Company.  The premium charged will be returned once the defendant completes his/her court appearances.  If posted through a surety company, the rate is usually 50%.
Civil Bond
When an individual has had civil litigation or accusations brought against them, and they failed to appear for court or failed to pay the required judgment.
Citation Release (Cite Out)
When the arresting officer issues a ticket, citation or notice to the arrestee to appear in court at a certain time or pay the amount ordered for the offense charged.  Cite Outs usually occur when an individual has been stopped by law enforcement; usually for traffic or minor infractions.
Cash Bond
A Cash Bond is the amount that is posted with the jail or the court to secure the defendants release from custody.  Cash Bonds are set on the person, not the offense.  A judge or court may order a Cash Bond on an individual that has failed numerous times to appear in court.  Some courts will place Cash Bonds on defendants that have been rearrested by either LEO or the Bonding Agent.  Cash Bonds can also be for child support and/or to collect fines, court costs, and/or restitution.  A Bonding Agent may post a
Cash Bond with adequate collateral and an acceptable payment plan.
Appeal Bond
Is when an individual has been found guilty on the charges of which they were accused. The Appeal Bond,  secures the individuals freedom until such time as he/she reappears in court and the appeal is heard.  The premium charged on Appeal Bonds is usually 25%.

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